Monday, August 14, 2017

Notes - Orchids inspired jewellery

TIFFANY & CO brooch
For quite a number of years I’ve been collecting images of jewellery inspired by orchids. I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of photos that feature jewellery pieces in the shape of orchids and choosing the one’s to show in this blog was not an easy task because I love them all. This is probably going to be one of my longest image posts but then showing incredible  craftsmanship and beauty created by various designers of the past and present I am sure will bring joy to many from seeing these exquisite pieces.

A symbol of beauty and love, Orchid has always attracted the attention of jewelers and collectors. The flower of Passion, Perfection, Grandeur and Luxury, subtle Beauty, Tenderness, and Intimacy. At all times, the orchid is a symbol of sophistication, wisdom, and gentility, harmony, and family comfort and giving orchid jewellery always had hidden meaning.

Latin name orchidaceae means roughly as “descended from God.” Orchid – flower of joy, born of the pieces of the first rainbow. It fell onto the ground, with sparkling in the sun shimmering multi-colored pieces. And each of the fragments in an instant turned into a beautiful orchid, which delights many of us with its beauty to this day!
An enamel and diamond brooch
Vintage Cattleya Orchid Carved Rock Crystal and Diamond Brooch

Georges Fouquet, France c 1895
Trifari 'Alfred Philippe' orchid pin 
Stenzhorn Jewelers - The Wild Orchid necklace    
R Lalique - Blue Plique a Jour Orchid Brooch, Art Nouveau
Tiffany& Co  - diamond and enamel Oncidium jonesianum orchid brooch by Paulding Farnham, 1889 
CARTIER. "Disa" Brooch
René Lalique 'Orchid' Brooch 1912
Cartier - The Ruby & Diamond ' Orchard' Parera   
Carved Frosted Crystal and Diamond Orchid Brooch, 1930 - 1950, Austria
An Art Nouveau 18 karat gold and enamel brooch with diamonds, attributed to Vever.Circa 1900's. 
Russell Trusso Orchid Earrings 
Art Deco brooch 1900  
Diamond Peridot and Ruby Orchid Flower Ring 
Cartier Caresse d'Orchidées earrings  
Cartier. Caresse d'orchidées collection
Diamond Orchid Flowers Pin
orchid brooch, diamond, ruby and platinum, English circa 1930
Suffragette Votes for Women Orchid Enamel Brooch Pin 1895  
René Lalique - orchid comb 1903          

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cymbidium “Stargate”

Beautiful cymbidium flowering at the moment, masses of huge, dreamy flowers. “Stargate” been with me for quite a few moons and I love seeing it in bloom each season.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Notes - miniature porcelain orchids - an artist Edi Oliveira Merez

The other day came across the website and miniature orchids creations by an artist Edi Oliveira Merez and have to share her beautiful work with everyone.
She creates miniature orchids and different plants settings in porcelain and her work breathtakingly beautiful, special and detailed. I am sure every orchid grower, collector, fan, enthusiast and aficionado will love seeing these beautiful creations.

Her website - Ideas & Coisas and below video showing some of her work - enjoy!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Flowering cymbidium orchids - NOID

Most of my cymbidium orchids in bloom at the moment, bringing with them kaleidoscope of colors, scents and textures. While a lot of my time taken to catalog, document and record any orchid’s id, some of them kind of sneak in to my collection and happily bloom year after year without proper identification.
 Sometimes I wish I knew who created these orchids, because one can see breeders hand in painstaking selection of material and here in Australia we have many dedicated orchid breeders who constantly working in improving quality of plants and they deserve recognition.

Spots and lines and colors and structures and scents and textures on these orchids do not happen by accident - one can see breeders thoughts and ideas and hopes and dreams as they create and select plants just like an artist with paint brush trying many combinations, performing an alchemy with  living orchids plants. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Flowering phalaenopsis

phalaenopsis orchid
One of my phal. orchids blooming now, love it’s abundance of flowers and interesting, dramatic colors. This orchid seems to be flowering most of the year and new flower buds developing all the time.

It came to me a few years back to be “rescued” from what I remember in a rather poor state but it did not take long for it to recover and start growing nice leaves, then flower spikes and then producing flowers. If ever you come across leafless, shriveled dried up orchid - have a go and try to revive it, try to get it growing again and it may reward you with beautiful blooms for many years to come.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Degarmoara orchids "Flying High" and "Skywalker Red Star" HCC-AOS

dgmra. Flying High
dgmra. Skywalker Red Star HCC-AOS
My Dgmra. orchids in bloom at the moment, they are inter-generic hybrids between miltonia x brassica x odondontoglossum and these days many beautiful crosses been developed. They considered being part of oncidium alliance and some of the easiest orchids to grow.

My dgmra. Flying High flowers twice a year, have long lasting blooms and dgmra. Skywalker Red Star HCC-AOS have large red shaped flowers. They are beautiful orchids, very distinct in their appearance.

I find them easy to grow providing they can have bright light, plenty of moisture during growing time with just occasional misting in winter and plenty of air movement and they always delight me with their beautiful flowers in our winter time.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cymbidium orchid - Brown Beauty

Cymbidium Brown Beauty
This cymbidium orchid flowering at the moment, It’s Brown Beauty that turning out quite an interesting cymbidium.
 It came to me couple of years ago as small seedling and been growing and maturing since then. It’s been sitting on the bank bench for a while and last year developed a couple of small flowers that was difficult to judge, however this season it actually started showing it’s full potential and decided to bloom with these rich, dark brown colors. It probably needs a couple of more growing seasons to mature fully, but it shows great promise.

It’s a medium size plant, very compact in it’s structure and as all cymbidiums in our climate it flowers in our winter when not many plants are in flower, giving long bursts of color in winter time.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Dendrobium orchids - Latouria type

Latouria dendrobium Little Atro
Latouria dendrobium Roy Tokunaga
Latouria dendrobium shiraishii
Some of my Latouria dendrobiums currently in flower - they are fascinating genera that include about 50 different species with majority native to Papua New Guinea and some to Samoa. They grow in hot, humid steamy rain forests attached to the trees in the area’s of year-round rainfall.

The plant size ranges from small to very large and they have very long lasting flowers. Some of Latouria dendrobiums are among the most spectacular in the sub tribe and these days becoming very popular in cultivation.  Because of their remote habitats, very little was known about many Latourias until quite recently, when several species that had been ‘discovered’ early in the century.

  There are also many hybrids been produced with crosses of the original jungle plants that are very desirable to orchid growers and collectors and they command high prices. Australian grower Hermon Slade in the 1950’s and 1960’ and Roy Tokunaga of Hawaii in the 1980’s and  1990’s produced many interesting crosses that are very popular today. One can always recognize Latouria dendrobiums - they are in the class of their own.

They are not easy orchids to grow and because of their nature require specific conditions to thrive and to flower -  they need filtered shade and not too much light, they like to be growing in moist conditions but not wet, they like resting in winter but not completely dry and can go backwoods very fast if they don’t get enough ventilation or humidity. I am forever learning with these orchids and adjusting my growing routine with different seasons and weather changes.

But when they start flowering I always enjoy their special blooms and appreciate Nature creating these beautiful, unusual orchids.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Cymbidium orchid Sunset Delight x Uluru Orange

Cymbidium orchid Sunset Delight x Uluru Orange
Our cooler weather brings with it anticipation seeing beautiful cymbidium orchids in flower. This  beautiful cymbidium just started it’s blooming cycle this season, it’s a cross of well known Sunset Delight x Uluru Orange.

The flowers are large, showy and the colours are luminous, dreamy and hypnotic - as if painted by the brush of a painter, one can see so many shades of orange and yellow on the petals. The lip is large, fringed with red and the plant is robust and compact.

I purchased couple of small seedlings way back because I liked the parentage and been patiently waiting for them to flower. This is a first season it bloomed, and so far I quite like this orchid. It would probably need a couple of more seasons of maturing to showcase its beauty in full.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Phalaenopsis spp orchids

phalaenopsis violacea var Gene Tobia

phalaenopsis bellina

Couple of my phalaenopsis spp orchids flowering at the moment, it’s always nice to see these beauties in bloom.
There are about 60 species of this genus, including some of the most popular orchids in cultivation. Most of the species grow in hot, steamy lowlands, but a few are adapted to the cooler climates and higher altitudes.
Generally they grow in the habitats that are moist and humid year-around and they have large leaves and very short steams.

My phalaenopsis violacea var Gene Tobia flowers with large, yellow blooms that are fragrant, this specie native to  northwestern Sumatra

And phalaenopsis bellina grows in Malay Peninsula and Borneo in low altitudes in shady, humid forests often near a streams, it’s very fragrant and have strong, fruity perfume.

With these species the flowers always open progressively so I never see more than one flower on the flower spike. Each spike itself can re bloom a few times. Both of these orchids been with me for many many moons and I always look forward seeing them in bloom at this time of the year.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dracula orchid - vampira “Bela Lugosi”

dracula vampira Bela Lugosi
Some of my dracula ( name means Little dragon) orchids started blooming  - they are fascinating specie found in moist forests from Mexico to Peru with the greater concentration in Colombia and Ecuador.
 They have large, beautiful flowers that hang on long steams and the genus comprises of about 90 species and vampira is one of these species -  it’s native to Ecuador and only found in one place - on the slopes of Mount Pichincha.
The flowers of dracula vampira mostly dark in color with many beautiful patterns and lines on the petals. They need to grow in hanging baskets so that they can send their spikes through the bottom of the planters. I try to grow my plant with plenty of moisture in filtered light and in any given season it would only produce one flower. Hopefully I was able to show the beauty of the bloom.

 My dracula vampira is variety “Bela Lugosi” - named after Hungarian - American actor, famous for playing Count Dracula and starring in other horror films with Boris Karloff.  To this day Bela Lugosi have huge following and his nickname is “The King of Horror” and some recon he was the best, most elegant Count Dracula. Here is the the blog dedicated to Bela Lugosi.

Thank you to EarthDracula31 for featuring Bela Lugosi - enjoy

Friday, June 2, 2017

Notes - Orchids Stained Glass Patterns

The other day came across this wonderful resource - many many free stain glass patterns and of course concentrated on orchids.
 Paradise for someone handy because the patterns could be used in variety of ways.  Website featuring many sections to suit many tastes -  here is the link